About Us

Adventures in Northern Michigan is part of the Up North Entertainment Group. We publish several directory and blog websites. List and links provided at the bottom of the page. We love Northern Michigan and sharing it with locals and tourists alike. We are so lucky to live in four season wonderland.

Northern Michigan has something for everyone. Hikers, skiers, boaters, swimmers, bikers, riders, and sitters will all find plenty of activities and spectacular scenery along the way. There are two of us that write the blogs for Adventures in Northern Michigan and both of us have very different activities.

Arianna is the young one of the pair and her and her family spend a lot of time outside year round. Her posts will always include their Border Doodle who is attached to her hip. Puppers has some fear issues and prefers to stay near the family so they take him as often as they can. Arianna’s family loves to boat, swim, snow ski, snow mobiles, etc. all the things you would expect an active Northern Michigan family with 3 teens to be spending their free time doing like boating on Long Lake.

Marisa is the empty nester. She tends to write about things she and her family have done recently and years ago. Her and her husband love to golf and you may see a story here and there about one of their golfing excursions. A lot of her stories are from a slower perspective and she tends to explore more than play. Unless it is something to do with the grandkids, she has 6 teenage grands kids (3 of them mentioned above) and 2 younger ones. The teens all live in Northern Michigan while the younger ones live out of state. Spending time with all the grands can be a challenge when there is such an age difference, a recent trip to Cognition with 5 of the grands and 2 of the adults was a resounding success. She loves finding things to share that folks of all ages and abilities will enjoy.

Some of our stories will come from other family members that have come north to visit and bike, boat and bike some more and will share their trip with us and we share it with you. Other stories are the result of talking with area businesses and researching activities and places to visit in Northern Michigan. Interesting facts and tidbits are also shared. Click around and explore our website we know you will enjoy it!

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