We were lucky enough to be at a birthday party that was hosted at a home that had a great view of the fireworks for during the International Firework Competition in Traverse City on September 9th. During the day there was food (a lot of food), cake (a lot of cake), beverages (a lot of beverages) and games (a lot of games). Seeing a trend? The fireworks would be no different, there were a lot of fireworks.

International Firework Show Traverse CityThe Schedule

  • Germany 8:15
  • France 8:45
  • Mexico 9:15
  • USA 9:45

The fireworks started about 15-20 later than planned, but they were worth the wait. Germany started off with a phenomenal display that was going to be hard to beat. France’s display was next and another just spectacular show. Now Mexico’s started off with a huge bang, honestly scared the heck out of me. They fireworks were also a great display, but the entire show was incredibly loud. I am guessing that was part of their plan.

All three countries put on a display like I have never seen in Northern Michigan and I can say I had never seen on the Detroit River waterfront. In fairness to the Detroit River Fireworks show, it has been about 30 years since I last saw them, I am sure they have changed a lot.

The last show was the USA, and you have probably already read this and it pains me to say this, but it was a disappointment. We had a chance to on our home turf to shine. The firework display was one you would find in most Northern Michigan towns on the 4th of July. To add a little salt to the wound, one of the party guests was a born and raised German.

After the shows were down, most guest at the party felt France had won. I was surprised because I thought Germany had done a great job, especially since their show was when it was not completely dark as it was for the other 3 shows.

The Winner is…

I was happy the next day when I saw that Germany took both judges favorite and fan favorite. My husband took a lot of videos that night for me to share and I thought it would be fun to see what sort of compilation I could put together. I was having too much fun and didn’t think to have him keep track of which were which country. Regardless, I think the video turned out pretty good. Enjoy!


Pre show set up

My son who was at the same gathering but left before the fireworks saw my posts and sent me these pictures he took with his drone while they were setting everything up. It looks like the fireworks were shot off from the outfield. Sure looks close to spectators, think I am glad I had the view I did. 🙂