Celebrate National Drink Wine Day every February 18 by indulging in a glass or two of your favorite bottle of wine or try a new variety. With its roots dating back to 7000 BC, wine has ingrained itself as a cultural mainstay throughout human history. Some ancient civilizations held such reverence for wine that they incorporated it into their worship. In contemporary times, the global production of hundreds of wine varieties offers an expansive and limitless selection for enthusiasts to explore.

National Drink Wine Day History

Customers standing on a deck at a winery as the sun setsWhile the historical roots of winemaking extend back millennia, pinpointing the exact originator of the process remains elusive. Evidence of ancient wine production has surfaced in various regions such as China, the Middle East, and Greece, suggesting that diverse cultures stumbled upon this art nearly simultaneously. The oldest identified winery, discovered in an Armenian cave, predates over 4,000 years, and utilized grape varieties still employed in contemporary winemaking.

Throughout history, wine has played a prominent role in different civilizations. Egyptian Pharaohs interred barrels of wine in their tombs, and the Ancient Greeks incorporated wine into clandestine religious rituals. Despite the evolution of wine styles over the centuries, the fundamental winemaking process has endured minimal alterations. Grapes are crushed, pressed, and fermented before being sealed in barrels. Following aging, the concoction is bottled.

This timeless procedure allows for the creation of an extensive array of wines, each region distinguished by its unique vintages. Factors such as soil composition, temperature, and weather intricately influence grape growth, resulting in distinct batches. Even two bottles of the same wine from a particular vineyard may exhibit notable taste variations based on the production year, turning certain vintages into highly coveted treasures.

As we observe National Drink Wine Day, consider exploring a new bottle and relish the rich tradition that spans countless generations. The diversity of wines encapsulates the essence of human ingenuity and the enduring allure of this ancient libation.

Woman sitting in winery doing a taste testingTry these National Drink Wine Day Traditions or start your own!

Drink Wine – This one is obvious. Gather some friends and enjoy your favorite wine with them. Curl up on the couch with a glass and watch your favorite show or movie. Enjoy a glass with dinner. You get the picture, it is drink wine day, so drink wine. 😊

Try a new wine – Try a variety you have not had or have been hesitant to try. Up your budget a little and try one that you normally would not spend that much on.

Have a glass in an unexpected (or expected) place – Have a glass in the bath, in the snow around a bon fire, in an igloo, sitting at your favorite view. Create a new experience to enjoy a glass of wine.

Visit a winery – There are numerous wineries throughout Northern Michigan to choose from. Sample different varieties guided by a certified sommelier. Take a tour of vineyards and cellars. Learn more about winemaking.

Go on a tour of area wineries – Use the services of one of the local wine tour companies. You can plan your own trip or take advantage of their unique knowledge of area wineries and plan a great experience for you.