February 27 marks the annual celebration of National Kahlua Day, a dedicated tribute to one of the finest alcoholic coffee dessert beverages — none other than Kahlua! Recognized as the world’s premier coffee liqueur, Kahlua, with its rich and creamy texture, has secured its place as a beloved choice among enthusiasts. The enticing combination of coffee flavor and rum base has earned Kahlua widespread admiration.

white russian cocktail in glasses with straws on wooden board with coffee grains and shaker isolatedThe origins of National Kahlua Day

When it comes to indulging in slightly sinful beverages with widespread appeal, few match the allure of a glass of Kahlua! This coffee-flavored liqueur was thought to have roots in Hawaii because of the delightful blend of sugar cane, rum, and coffee beans. Some interpretations suggest that ‘Kahlua’ translates to ‘lemonade’ in Hawaiian.

But actually, Kahlua is from Mexico and the rural region of Veracruz. The word Kahlua is from the Veracruz Nahuatl language and means “House of the Acolhua People.” It is not Hawaiian. However, it became popular in Hawaii after World War II and has been a staple ingredient in Hawaiian cocktails ever since.

The birth of Kahlua

While the existence of Kahlua is often traced back to 1869, its true genesis lies in its invention in 1936 by two visionaries — Senior Blanco and Montalvo Lara, also known as the Alvarez brothers. Senior Blanco, a culinary innovator, conceived the idea of a rich Arabica coffee, while Montalvo Lara, a chemist, collaborated to bring their creation to life. Using the finest ingredients from the rural Veracruz region, they birthed Kahlua.

In 1940, Kahlua made its way to the U.S. and quickly became a beloved drink among many. The 1960s witnessed a groundbreaking moment for Kahlua as the company spearheaded a creative advertising campaign, introducing female leadership — a pioneering move during that era that garnered significant media attention.

Iced coffee and Kahula with whipped cream and chocolate syrup#1 selling coffee liqueur

The 1980s marked a zenith for Kahlua, propelling it to become the world’s number one selling coffee liqueur. Today, Kahlua stands as a brand with a unique and fascinating history, cherished by enthusiasts globally. Recognized as the most famous of all coffee liqueurs, Kahlua offers diverse ways to savor its flavors, but a gentle reminder to partake and celebrate responsibly remains paramount.

Activities for National Kahlua Day

Enjoy – Drink it with coffee, hot chocolate, on the rocks, as a black or white Russian. Just savor the rich flavors.

Have a Kahlua party – Experiment with all the different things you can pair it with. Make it the star of your cocktail recipes. For ideas visit Explore Kahlua Drinks.

Share Kahlua – Introduce a friend to this number 1 coffee liqueur. Kahlua is a favorite gift for holidays, why not gift it on National Kahlua Day?