We had the opportunity to spend the weekend up at Sault Ste. Marie, kid #2 had a 3-day softball tournament there.

Softball tournaments can have a lot of time in between games and our daughter had to stay at the field during this time. We did not want to have any of the family adventures without her, so we decided to try to get in a round of golf at the Sault Sainte Marie Country Club. Was not until the third day that we were able to get 9 holes in before checking out and heading home. You can read about our round in our sister publication Golf Up North.

The thing with softball tournaments is that schedules are determined by whether you won or lost your previous game/s. Trying to plan anything for the other kids besides hanging at the hotel and swimming in the pool was impossible. We promised everyone we would do touristy things before us trolls went back under the bridge. 😊

We stopped for lunch and ice cream and spent a little time at Kiwanis Beach in St. Ignace. It was nice to relax with the family and just enjoy the view.

Out next stop was the Deer Ranch in St. Ignace. There were albino bucks, white tail deer and some babies. We were able to feed the deer and pet their little spotted babies.

We wanted to stop at Castle Rock, but they were looking busy, and it was getting late, and we still had a long drive home.

We cannot wait to visit again and get a chance to explore more of the eastern Upper Peninsula.